Series: Different ways to start your career

With this series we want to show you different opportunities to start your career. People from all over Namibia will tell us their story, will talk about difficulties but also the chances they have after graduating.

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Name Jerome Ndjao
Place of apprenticeship Rehoboth State Hospital (St Mary’s Roman Catholic Hospital)
Subject Nursing
Did you get any kind of financial assistance? I got a loan from the government (NSFAF) with which I financed my studies.
What is your subject about? Nursing is a dynamic career in the sense that it comprises different activities and fields which are carried out in order to preserve health and maintain life. Nursing is divided into different fields, for example Community Nursing, School Health and one can actually specialize as well in Theatre, Psychiatry, and Paediatric and I am hoping in a few years to specialize in Trauma/Emergency Nursing.
Why did you choose this subject? I chose nursing in the sense that it involves being in the front of delivering health care to the needy and people whose health have been compromised due to unforeseen reasons, it gives me the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through various activities outlined in the nursing field in order to reach good health. It also makes me know how to take care of my health and the health of others through education.
How are the job chances after finishing the formation? There is a very big shortage of health care workers in our country ranging from doctors, nurses, radiologists, pharmacists, so the job market is there and after completion job opportunities are open and available and you commence immediately if your paperwork is in order.
What do you like most of your studies? It gives me the ability to make a difference in people’s health and gives me the ability to know that a live has been saved and good health has been maintained.
Are there any sacrifices you have to make? Yes, the working hours are very long and you have to be on calls in case of mass accidents and you have to have the ability to think fast and you have to keep in mind that you will experience burnt out syndrome due to the great shortage of nurses.
Which abilities are needed to go the same way you went? In terms of qualification you must have grade 12 and Science Related subjects like Biology, Math, and Physics. You must have patience as working with people is not easy, the ability to act fast and think fast to save a life, you must be in good health as you will experience hours of standing on your feet or working in infectious environments.
Has there been any situation when you thought “I want to drop off university” and how did you handle this situation? Yes. Many still view nursing has a women job and at times the male nurses are viewed differently and are subjected to judgements at times but we are living in a different era and nursing has advanced and it is more open to both genders. Male nurses‘ numbers are growing and at times from my experience patients/clients are more open to male nurses because they are not subjected to too judgemental treatment. I discussed this with the other male nurses in nursing college and we would encourage each other in situations we were facing and that made us reach the end.
What do your relatives think about your studies? My father took a while to adjust to the choice of career and at some point came around and was more welcoming and dealt with it fine. My Mom dealt with it well and motivated me along the way and my big brother took it well and just maintained motivation as well and my two older sisters had no problem with it and dealt with it fine and helped me along the way. Am the last born/youngest of four children.


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