Essay competition winner Abed Nangombe

We could finally award the prize of N$500 of our essay competition to Abed Nangombe who lives in the North of Namibia. Read here what he has to say about his experience during the essay writing and afterwards:

I entered the essay competition because I wanted to challenge myself, obviously not everyone who enters the competition will win. However, even if I could not receive the prize, I could still benefit from the opportunity to challenge myself so i learnt new things and developed new skills and tested my ideas to see how viable they are. However, the main reason I participated was to win the prize which was very good. So I am glad that I have met my goals on this competition

My advice to those who did not enter the competition is that they should work hard and try everything which comes in their ways because you never know when good things will come. The best thing they can do from this day forward is to follow their intuition and take risks.

For those who have entered with me you guys have made a right choice, even though you did not win you guys should not give up, keep trying, I am sure next time you will win because winners are loser who never gave up.

I have a lot to do with the money, I am glad I got the money this time when exam is approaching so I think I will use a portion of it to buy stationary I am going to use during exam, will also use it to buy credit so I send to some of my Facebook friends (lucky ones) who have liked and rated my essay as of high quality, that will be their reward because they contributed, too. On the other hand my parents are saved also because the prize will serve as my pocket money so I will not ask from them anymore.

I got NamCareerService and Welwitschia on Facebook and I liked their pages. I cannot remember the exact date I liked the page, but I can remember the day I seriously started following the page, that’s when I was checking all the pages I have liked, then I realized I like a page called NamCareerService by The word „career“ attracted me then I checked the timeline that is when I got it useful and interesting so I pressed a button called “get notification” on top of the page. From that day on I have been getting all updates posted on the page.

My recommendation to Namibian youth who are unemployed, unable to fund their studies, do not know what to do after school, how to get an internship or a bursary to fund your studies is that they should follow NamCareerService by on Facebook to get updates about new offers daily from all over Namibia. OR they can find more information about Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia here:, follow them on Instagramm . OR they can simply visit their office located in12 Axali Doeseb Street, Windhoek Namibia.

To Nam Career, welwitschia Organization I want to thank the organization for quality services being offered, the organization really means a lot to the nation, keep providing such a service  and last but not least, I appreciate everything NamCareerService has given me. Thanks a lot. May the almighty bless the organization so it enlarges and it will be ranking among the biggest NGO’s in the country

THANK YOU A LOT NamCareerService!!


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