News from our scholarship holder Johanna

As I noted in my previous paper, I am a registered fourth year Geology student at the University of Namibia. I have registered for ten modules during this academic year: Igneous Petrogenesis, Metamorphic Petrogenesis, Economic geology, Industrial minerals and Gemstones, Hydrogeology II, Exploration Geology and Geophysics, Remote Sensing and GIS, Structural Geology II, Field geology III and Research project. Out of the ten modules, the first four are first semester modules, the last two are three year module which are carried out throughout the year and the other four are second semester modules. I have registered for these modules because they are the required modules at the final year level. I was given an opportunity to choose between Industrial minerals and gemstone and Engineering Geology and environmental geology II, but I chose Industrial minerals and gemstone instead because I want to specialize in Industrial geology after my honor’s degree. These modules are awesome.

I am expecting that my academic year will be a success of which I have to make sure I pass my project because if I do not pass it then I will not be able to graduate next year. I am planning that by the end of the first semester to be done with my literature review which form part of the thesis and will be going for my first field trip on the 14th until 20th of April this year.

At the moment I am serving as the financial director for a society at campus, the UNAM Geology Student Society (UGSS) and I am also a member of the UNAM Student Christian Movement group (SCM).

So far I have developed good skills on exploration and industrial geology which will help me in future. As soon as I go in the industry I will be able to explore for minerals resources and develop some ore genesis model and be able to say whether a certain mine can start operating or not taking the environmental impacts into consideration. In addition to that, I will be able to start up my own industrial mineral project upon graduation.

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