Welwitschia in Namibia – Samuel Neshuku

Inzwischen ist es offiziell: Welwitschia – Bildungsinitiative für Namibia ist nun auch in Namibia etabliert! Innerhalb von drei Wochen haben 13 junge NamibierInnen gemeinsam mit unserem Vorstandsmitglied Philipp eine Satzung aufgestellt und den Vorstand gewählt. Nun geht es an die Strukturierung und Etablierung des Vereins sowie die Planung erster Aktivitäten. Nach und nach werden wir hier unsere Vorstandsmitglieder vorstellen und beginnen mit Samuel Neshuku.

It is now official: Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia is now established in Namibia as well! Within three weeks, 13 young Namibians have drafted and finally adopted a constitution and elected the Management Committee. Now it is about to structure the association and plan the activities. From now on we will present our Management Committee members here and begin with Samuel Neshuku.

Samuel Neshuku is a 24 year old male Namibian citizen, born and raised up in the Northern part of the country. Like majority of his peers from the north, Samuel known by his friends and colleagues as Sammie, came to the capital in search for better tertiary education, He completed his grade 12 in 2008 and enrolled enrolled at Polytechnic of Namibia (Namibia’s University of Science and Technology) in 2009, he went on to graduate in October 2013.

Sammie, a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Marketing, a National Diploma in Marketing and a National Certificate in Business studies is outspoken, diligent and ambitious, very quiet at first but outgoing and fun. In his spare time, Sammie loves watching documentaries, football, surfing internet and he likes having to meet different people and is socially comfortable. Although he is still looking for a career in his filed, currently he is an unemployed graduate, but from time to time he does some projects for fellow students and is a freelance collaborator and affiliation member for a marketing communications agency called Teampany, based at the Experimental centre in Belgium.

His love for networking, providing better opportunities for others and caring for his peers and his community brought him to Welwitschia, as he loves surfing the net, it was through Facebook that he learned and became interested in Welwitschia. Sammie attended all our meetings prior to the founding meeting and he was involved from the very first minute, his desire for helping shape up the education system in Namibia can already be told, and as a marketer with love for meeting new people, likes team discussion and networking, he was subsequently voted un opposed on our board members as an additional member for the portfolio of partner assistance, the position which he gladly accepted and felt honoured to serve.

He joined Welwitschia because of the many opportunities that he thinks the organization will provide others, including himself as well, and as a board member; he thinks this will enlighten his leadership skills, provide many networking opportunities, and as a marketer, he would do well as a partner assistance to lead the association to greater heights, he further went on to say his desire for helping others was also realized by becoming a member of Welwitschia Namibia.

As the say goes “charity begins at home”, Sammie is honoured to have been part of the wonderful people that wants to do this charity for fellow graduates especially finding it hard to get employment because of the much needed experience that the working industry is demanding, he hopes that with NamCareerService, many graduates will find the much needed internships, apprenticeships, bursaries and scholarships and every other opportunity that will lead directly to a better career choice for them. He also further stressed that with NamCareerService, he hopes the association will utilize all the ICT gears at their disposal as the catalyst for building a better education situation in the country.

Finally, with the help of the organization, he hopes to achieve better relationships with other associations with similar affiliations in Namibia and abroad, build a better working and coordination with fellow board members and every other member of the association and also as times goes on, he hopes the association grows through his capacity as partner assistance.


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