Gerold Dreyer, unser zweiter Gewinner

I saw and heard about Welwitschia when a friend of mine liked your Facebook page. I read your biography and I was instantly interested in the page.

I would like to be more involved in your organisation by informing my friends of relevant internship and scholarship opportunities by sharing the posts and encouraging more friends to like the page.

I will definitely recommend Welwitschia to my friends. It is informative and educational and a go-to place if one wants to find a scholarship either locally or abroad. One can also read about internships and this is a central zone that informs the youth about opportunities. I find that your Facebook page can change many people’s lives by informing them of these opportunities offered by various organisations.

I do not know how I will spend my money as of yet. Being a student I think I spend it on lunch and taxi fares.IMG_0169 IMG_0171

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