Welwitschia in Namibia – Joyce Amakali

Today we present you our Officer for Education, Joyce Amakali.

A 2nd year Bachelor of Education Student at the university of Namibia  , Joyce Amakali or Joyous as she like calling herself , is a 18 year old who hailed from Omuthiya Gwiipundi in the northern part of the country . She attended her early primary school years there before moving up south to Luderitz in search of a better Education, where she attended until Grade 10 and had to move back home and matriculated at Ekulo Senior Secondary School. During her childhood she was exposed to so many entertainment, a factor that has influenced her to draw a lot of inspiration and fall in love with media, something she has always wanted to study but could not due to certain circumstances but her hopes are still high that one day her dream of becoming a News Anchor will no more be a thing of “I want to be that” . Having grown up in a very strict home and coming from a very rough and tough background, success is not an option for this young lady but something of a priority.

She came to learn of Welwitschia through a friend who invited her to attend a workshop which the organisation was hosting based on how to write a CV and cover letters. It was after the meeting that Joyous and her friends asked the Welwitschia representative if they could volunteer to help out and be involved with the organisation, the organiser who was delighted by their willingness to participate happily accepted them and they became the pioneers of the Welwitschia organisation in Namibia. Apart from the fact that she is a very charitable person and likes working with other people the need to experience is what motivated her mostly to join the organisation and be part of a move that touches the lives of the young people forever.

Joyous has been elected as the Education Officer of Welwitschia and she is quick to point out that being part of the Management Committee will give her a chance to lead a very amazing team something that she finds very important. She therefore decided to be part of it because as mentioned earlier it will allow her to experience in different ways such as being a leader it will give her an opportunity to act in a position she has always wanted to and above all a task that she knows she can carry out to the best of her ability. The experience that she is going to gain as an Education Officer will help her expand her knowledge and help her compete with other job hunters in the market.

Joyous is hoping the best for Welwitschia and wish that the organisation will see more people coming in and willing to join the group since this is one of the few organisations in Namibia that deals with student related issues. She has noticed that the youth of this country are the ones filling up the streets and most of them are unemployed , if they start attending most of our workshops that we conduct throughout the country at least most of them, if not all, will manage to get a job with our assistance in training because what majority of them need is training on how to grab that job. Unbenannt


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