Welwitschia in Namibia – Flavia Placidus

Last but not least, our Chairwoman Flavia Placidus.

She is 23 years old, an entrepreneur and a graduate from Polytechnic of Namibia with Bachelor’s Degree in communication.  She works for Melilla transportation Consultancy as an operation administration assistant and is also a part time management circle member for the Association for Alternative to Violence.   She further serves on the board member for Cov Namibia. Her passion of community capacity building, volunteer and self-development motived her to join Welwitschia –  Education Initiative for Namibia.  She is confident that this is role in which her experience, knowledge and creativity can be utilised and nurtured.

Her involvement in hosting NamCareerService application workshops, made her realise how important NamCareerService is as a pillar for the association. She found it valuable for  herself  and to  many  people in Namibia,  learnt new insight about writing CVs and cover letters which  she previously  assumed to know.

In  addition, it was a surprise when  people who  attended our first  workshop  wanted to  join and form an association  so  that  they  may  teach  others what  we have taught them.  This encouraged  her to continue to  be part  of the association and helped her realise that there is more to  offer  than application workshops. As chairperson of the association her motive is driven by the wish to see the implementation of the association goals and objectives.  She also values Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia as a platform of educational career guidelines that would help many Namibian.  She therefore encourages everyone to join us on Facebook and to become members of the association.


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