Neuigkeiten von unserer Stipendiatin Johanna

I am a very busy student as geology is a demanding field of study and always have to make my self-available. My studies are going well so far even though I do face some challenge as there is always obstacle in a way to success, no success path is straight, and they are always curved. Always be determined on what you want to achieve and try to be someone’s role model, inspire someone.

As I am not yet admitted in the hostel, I always make sure that I wake up early to get to class on time. I have been trying to get hostel as I am in my fourth year now and I need to spend most of the time in the microscope laboratory to analyze thin section of the rock samples on which my project is based on, but this is one of the challenge I am facing.

Namibia is a developing country and it needs more educated people because that is the only way vision 2030 will be reached. I am arguing my fellow Namibian students to put more effort on their studies as education is the only key to success. There are various projects out there to be conducted which include environmental aspects, health issues and many more. Students need to conduct these researches as these are the only way our country will develop and not depend on other countries for products. Students who are done with degrees in Geology can initiate new exploration idea to be used to find new ore deposits as the deposit which where outcropping are exploited out already  and the left one are  the one under cover  and require intense exploitation methods for such minerals to be mined out. Industrial geology must also be taken serious as industrial minerals are more valuable nowadays more than agriculture even, to make a long story short mining is a vital thing in our lives. I will talk to you about the importance of industrial geology in my next report issue.

Johanna N.D Shikomba
Fourth year Unam student

Johanna and her colleagues during Geology field work

Johanna and her colleagues during Geology field work

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