Ende des Essay-Wettbewerbs

We asked the users of our NamCareerService to write an essay about how and why they would change the Namibian education system. Five essays were submitted and we have two winners of N$500 each. One chosen by our users through liking their favourite essay and the second by a jury from Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia. Read here what our users‘ choice has to say about her price: Veronika Kaxweka. Congratulations!

„I found Welwitschia on my Facebook wall as daily RSS feed, seeing our education system declining every year it gave me a passion of really trying to write something about how it. If someone in Namibia reads about my essay as well as of my colleagues who participated in this competition, it will not only change their life but it will also contribute to Namibia’s development, our country’s development depends on a good education system.

Winning this N$500.00 I will spend it on my sister to buy her General Nursing book, my sister was short N $440.00 to buy her book, thank God for this money.

Welwitschia is one of those good organisations in our country that will help Namibia’s education system to change as it helps students find internships, scholarships and bursaries and it also provides financial assistance to students who are unable to finance their studies. Not only that, it also provides workshop that are educational related.“

It is great to see that the prize is spent wisely to improve the education of one more person. Thank you Veronika!



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