Neuigkeiten von unserer Stipendiatin Johanna


In the second week of May I had my research proposal presentation and it went all well and I am currently preparing for my midyear examination which is scheduled to start on the 30th of May and end on the 18th of June. I am Facing one of the challenge again as my laptop screen has shattered and I am finding it very difficult to study for examinations.

I have all my study notes in my laptop as we do not have textbook available in the library and the fact that they are very expensive, I cannot afford to buy any. At the moment I am using my friend’s laptop which I had to give back on 28th May because she also needs it to study for her exams and the module I am writing on 4 June requires the use of the laptop during examination period but up to now I do not know what I will do because if I do not get a computer by that date I will not be able to write my examination which will cause me to repeat the module next year and will I therefore not graduate next year.

My parents are finding it very hard to find the money to repair my laptop screen which is an amount of N$1200 (approx. 80€) since they are all not working and thus my studying material are too limited these academic semester and going to the library every day to study there will be the only option left but the fact that I have to get a taxi everyday to and from the library is just too much as I am already struggling with taxi money, I have to save up just to go to school on the exam date.

Johanna needs help with your laptop. Help her finish her studies even by donating only a little amount. You find our two bank accounts in the right column next to this article. Please indicate the subject „Laptop Johanna“.



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