Welwitschia offers scholarship to young Namibians

Envisaging the scholarship
We would like to propose a financial sponsorship to young Namibians who are seeking education, personal development and advanced training. Being aware of these quite general examples, we would like to highlight that any serious type of advanced training in the field of education will be supported. Therefore, we are supporting the education of formal qualifications, which will guarantee their future prospects. We visualize the scholarship with an amount up to 7.500 N$, which will be divided as necessary to different applicants. The scholarship will start in January 2014 with a duration of one year in the first instance.

What do we offer?
We would like to offer young, motivated Namibians the chance of getting a proper education despite their social and financial circumstances. However, we would also like to concentrate on personal development.  In the event of any issues or arising questions, we aim to allocate the scholarship-holder with a personal representative from our initiative who will help the scholarship-holder throughout the duration of the education. In examples of positive teamwork and evidence of a promising contribution to the initiative, we aspire to extend the scholarship-holders’ education until they find themselves in employment through our initiative.

What do we request?
We request a formal application with a curriculum vitae including: a photo, a letter of motivation and the final school certificates.
Throughout the scholarship, the scholarship-holders must show evidence of their training and educational participation at their respective school every three months. In addition to that, the scholarship-holder is asked to submit inputs for our webpage each month, such as articles, essays, photos, videos or brief descriptions of their experiences.
The selection of applicants will be favoured more strongly for those who have shown evidence of an active involvement within their community, as it shows potential for their studies and future career.
We believe that communication and reliability between the scholarship-holder and our initiative are fundamental values to its operation, thus providing the foundations to positive teamwork.

Applications should be sent to info@welwitschia.org till 31st October 2013.

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