Vortrag in Tübingen am 18.06.2015

Im Donnerstag, 18.06.2015 um 18 Uhr findet im Schloss Hohentübingen, im Seminarraum 03 in der Ethnologie, ein Vortrag unserer beiden ASA-Praktikantinnen Eva und Anna mit dem Thema „Namibia – Just another African Country?“ statt.

Alle sind herzlich eingeladen, Beginn ist um 18 Uhr, der Eintritt ist frei. Eine kurze Beschreibung um was es genau geht, findet ihr hier. Sie ist auf Englisch da der Vortrag ebenfalls auf Englisch sein wird.

Being located in Germany, the African continent seems so far. Referring to media, the life in African countries means a paradise for animals but hell for humans: poverty, hunger, epidemics, constitutional crisis and war seems to be contained in everyday life. A lot of bad news and documentaries about the “wild continent” are reaching us and create a lacking image about “Africa”.

But this image is not representing reality. Although we have a close relation to some of the African countries, our knowledge about them is sometimes minimal. One example for this is Namibia. There, Germany seems to be present everywhere – not only because of the colonial history but also because of the 80,000 German tourists that visit the country every year.

This presentation is going to highlight the connection between Germany and Namibia and show that Namibia is more than another poor country like the media portraits. At the same time, we want to open the discussion about today’s relation between Germany and Namibia and how we handle our colonial past.


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