New Educational Advisor Kevin Wessels

As our previous Educational Advisor Stefanus Mutileni left our office, we found a good successor for him, Kevin Wessels. Read here what he has to say about himself, Welwitschia and his goals:

Why did you apply for the position of the Educational Advisor?
The single greatest benefit of working in the office is the satisfaction I will feel while working. The ability to directly influence and help a weaker part of society through hosting workshops and other activities offered by Welwitschia. I will know that I’m creating a positive change and that’s a great source of mental peace for me.

How do you think will Welwitschia help you improve your skills?
I will improve greatly on my networking abilities and my organizational skill set. I’ll work with people from several different backgrounds who are united in their passion for a particular cause. This organization will also teach me how to think out of the box.  Also if I am working for the organisation, I will develop a high degree of expertise especially in the field of hosting working and consultation.

What is, according to your opinion, the benefit of Welwitschia?
What I like about Welwitschia is that it helps students and learners find funds to study. It also awards a scholarship to a student annually and awarded ten scholarships to NAMCOL learners in Okahandja from a project that assists them with their homework and keeps them off the streets. This is an amazing job the organization is doing and this is why I like it and would love to be part of the office. It helps by hosting various application workshops and so far have hosted quite a number of them. This is to help learners correct their CVs and cover letters for applications to tertiary and job vacancies. This is normally focused on the youth but also welcomes other interested parties. It does not discriminate which is another reason why I like the organization.

What are your goals with Welwitschia?
While in office I would like the number of events to grow bigger and impact the whole of Namibia. If possible I would also like to get interested parties and stakeholders involved in the organization so that we can have a greater impact.

We are glad we could bind Kevin to the organisation and are convinced that he will bring us one or more steps forward.

We are still calling for applications for a co-Educational Advisor. Learn more about it here.


Stefanus leaves office

Seit Anfang September arbeitete Stefanus Mutileni in unserem neuen Büro als Bildungsberater. Leider muss er das Büro nun verlassen, da er ein attraktives Jobangebot bekam, das er nicht ablehnen konnte. Wir bedauern das sehr, verstehen diesen Schritt aber vollkommen.

Stefanus war sehr engagiert während seiner Zeit als Bildungsberater und organisierte ein Bewerbungstraining in Hoachanas. Dieses dauerte ein ganzes Wochenende und versprühte neue Motivation unter den Teilnehmenden. Des Weiteren half Stefanus Welwitschia einen weiteren Schritt nach vorne zu gehen und konnte stets mit seinem Auftreten und seinem Kommunikationsstil überzeugen.

Wir wünschen Stefanus alles Gute und sind froh, dass er uns trotzdem als Berater und normales Teammitglied erhalten bleibt.

In den nächsten Tagen werden wir einen neuen Bildungsberater präsentieren, die Verhandlungen laufen.

Since the beginning of October, Stefanus Mutileni worked in our office as Educational Advisor. Unfortunately, he has to leave the office as he has got a job offers which he could not refuse, we fully understand this step.

Stefanus was very much committed in the office, organised a great application workshop in Hoachanas which lasted a full weekend, met many people and helped us bring Welwitschia one step forward.

We wish him all the best for his future and are glad that he will stay with our team as an advisor and normal member.

We are already in negotiations with a new Educational Advisor and will present him soon!

Stefanus, our Educational Advisor

Stefanus, our Educational Advisor

Cooperation with TUCSIN

Wir können unsere erste große Kooperation bekannt geben: “The University Centre for Studies in Namibia”, kurz TUCSIN, ist eine Organisation, die jungen Namibiern anbietet sich in verschiedenen Kursen weiterzubilden. Dort bieten 56 ganz- und halbtags angestellte Mitarbeiter Aufbaukurse für namibische Schulabgänger an. Ziel dieses Kurses ist die Verbesserung der Schulabschlussnoten sowie die namibische Hochschulzulassung. 2013 haben 757 Studenten Kurse von TUCSIN auf den Campussen in Windhoek, Oshakati, Rundu und Rehoboth besucht. Zudem bietet TUCSIN sein eigenes Stipendienprogramm an womit junge Namibier sowohl das Studium an einer Hochschule aber auch TUCSIN-eigene Kurse besuchen können.

Dies sind sehr interessante Schnittpunkte für beide Seiten. Beide Organisationen, Welwitschia und TUCSIN, haben vereinbart Informationen auszutauschen und sie zu unserem gegenseitigen Vorteil zu verwenden, um die Möglichkeiten junger Namibier weiter zu verbessern, eine bessere Bildung zu erlangen.

Mehr über TUCSIN könnt ihr hier lesen.

We can proudly announce our first big cooperation: “The University Centre for Studies in Namibia” (TUCSIN) is an organisation that helps Namibia to educate themselves in various courses. A group of 56 part- and full-time employees offers various upgrading courses for young Secondary School graduates in order to improver their Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) results. in 2013, 757 students attended courses at the different TUCSIN campuses in Windhoek, Oshakati, Rundu and Rehoboth. Furthermore, TUCSIN offers its own scholarship scheme which supports students in financing courses at tertiary institutions but also own TUCSIN courses.

These are interesting intercept points for both sides. We agreed on sharing information and use them to our mutual interest to improve the opportunities for young Namibians to gain a better education.

Read more about TUCSIN here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 15.35.49

Essay competition winner Abed Nangombe

We could finally award the prize of N$500 of our essay competition to Abed Nangombe who lives in the North of Namibia. Read here what he has to say about his experience during the essay writing and afterwards:

I entered the essay competition because I wanted to challenge myself, obviously not everyone who enters the competition will win. However, even if I could not receive the prize, I could still benefit from the opportunity to challenge myself so i learnt new things and developed new skills and tested my ideas to see how viable they are. However, the main reason I participated was to win the prize which was very good. So I am glad that I have met my goals on this competition

My advice to those who did not enter the competition is that they should work hard and try everything which comes in their ways because you never know when good things will come. The best thing they can do from this day forward is to follow their intuition and take risks.

For those who have entered with me you guys have made a right choice, even though you did not win you guys should not give up, keep trying, I am sure next time you will win because winners are loser who never gave up.

I have a lot to do with the money, I am glad I got the money this time when exam is approaching so I think I will use a portion of it to buy stationary I am going to use during exam, will also use it to buy credit so I send to some of my Facebook friends (lucky ones) who have liked and rated my essay as of high quality, that will be their reward because they contributed, too. On the other hand my parents are saved also because the prize will serve as my pocket money so I will not ask from them anymore.

I got NamCareerService and Welwitschia on Facebook and I liked their pages. I cannot remember the exact date I liked the page, but I can remember the day I seriously started following the page, that’s when I was checking all the pages I have liked, then I realized I like a page called NamCareerService by The word “career” attracted me then I checked the timeline that is when I got it useful and interesting so I pressed a button called “get notification” on top of the page. From that day on I have been getting all updates posted on the page.

My recommendation to Namibian youth who are unemployed, unable to fund their studies, do not know what to do after school, how to get an internship or a bursary to fund your studies is that they should follow NamCareerService by on Facebook to get updates about new offers daily from all over Namibia. OR they can find more information about Welwitschia – Education Initiative for Namibia here:, follow them on Instagramm . OR they can simply visit their office located in12 Axali Doeseb Street, Windhoek Namibia.

To Nam Career, welwitschia Organization I want to thank the organization for quality services being offered, the organization really means a lot to the nation, keep providing such a service  and last but not least, I appreciate everything NamCareerService has given me. Thanks a lot. May the almighty bless the organization so it enlarges and it will be ranking among the biggest NGO’s in the country

THANK YOU A LOT NamCareerService!!


Stefanus at !Hoaxa-!Nas Children Fund Part 2

Am gestrigen Samstag hielt Stefanus Mutileni beim !Hoaxa-!Nas Children Fund ein Bewerbungstraining. Hierbei war jedoch nicht die Bewerbung an sich im Fokus sondern eher die Motivation im Leben nie aufzugeben. Ein großer Teil der Teilnehmenden bestand die 10. Klasse nicht und hat es deshalb schwer sich weiterzubilden und neue Kraft zu sammeln um Schwierigkeiten zu meistern.

Nichtsdestotrotz zeigte er ihnen wie sie ihren Lebenslauf und Anschreiben verbessern können und wie sie bei einem Bewerbungsgespräch einen überzeugenden Eindruck hinterlassen.

George bedankte sich im Namen der ganzen Gruppe und versprach selbst seinen Schulabschluss mit Hilfe eines Fernkurses nachzuholen.

Yesterday, Stefanus hosted an application at the !Hoaxa-!Nas Children Fund whereby the application documents have not been at the centre of attention but rather the motivation not to give up in life, not matter what happens. Many of the participants failed grade 10 and hence cannot get any further education without going to NAMCOL which is expensive.

Nonetheless, he showed them how they could improve their CVs and cover letters and how to leave a good impression at an interview.

George, a representative of the group thanked Stefanus and promised to finish grade 10 with a distance learning course.

Stefanus-3 2

George and Stefanus


Stefanus during the workshop


The whole group

Stefanus at !Hoaxa-!Nas Children Fund

Unser Bildungsberater Stefanus Mutileni ist zur Zeit beim !Hoaxa-!Nas Children Fund (sprich: Hoachanas), 160km südöstlich von Rehoboth, um die dortigen Schüler über Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten zu informieren. Am morgigen Samstag und Sonntag wird er zudem mit allen Interessierten ein Bewerbungstraining halten. Die Organisation hat darüber einen Artikel auf ihrer Homepage veröffentlicht.

Our Educational Advisor Stefanus Mutileni is currently at the !Hoaxa-!Nas Children Fund, 160km South-East of Rehoboth, to help the learners draft career guidance goals. On Saturday and Sunday he will host an application workshop with all interested people. The organisation has published an article about it (only in German).

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Welwitschia offers scholarship to young Namibians

Envisaging the scholarship
We would like to propose a financial sponsorship to young Namibians who are seeking education, personal development and advanced training. Being aware of these quite general examples, we would like to highlight that any serious type of advanced training in the field of education will be supported. Therefore, we are supporting the education of formal qualifications, which will guarantee their future prospects. We visualize the scholarship with an amount up to N$7,500. The scholarship will start in January 2015 with a duration of one year in the first instance.

What do we offer?
We would like to offer young, motivated Namibians the chance of getting a proper education despite their social and financial circumstances. However, we would also like to concentrate on personal development. In the event of any issues or arising questions, we aim to allocate the scholarship-holder with a personal representative from our initiative who will help the scholarship-holder throughout the duration of the education. In examples of positive teamwork and evidence of a promising contribution to the initiative, we aspire to extend the scholarship-holders’ education until they find themselves in employment through our initiative.

What do we request?
We request a formal application with a curriculum vitae including: a photo, a letter of motivation and the final school certificates.
Throughout the scholarship, the scholarship-holders must show evidence of their training and educational participation at their respective school every three months. In addition to that, the scholarship-holder is asked to submit inputs for our webpage each month, such as articles, essays, photos, videos or brief descriptions of their experiences.

The selection of applicants will be favoured more strongly for those who have shown evidence of an active involvement within their community, as it shows potential for their studies and future career.
We believe that communication and reliability between the scholarship-holder and our initiative are fundamental values to its operation, thus providing the foundations to positive teamwork.

Applications should be sent to till 31st October 2014.